Thursday, 5 June 2014

Building a mini greenhouse

Greenhouse being built (two days of my life!)
With so little space in the garden, I thought that I'd have to forgo a greenhouse, which would mean a sad lack of tomatoes. Blight is so common that I didn't want to risk growing tomatoes outside. Most of the small greenhouses I was looking at weren't really that small. So I was thrilled when I finally found a small aluminium and tempered glass affair that was 2ft x 4ft. Much better than the plastic coated mini greenhouses: this looked sturdy. 

It proved to be a job that took a couple of days, and I admit that I still haven't
managed to get the misting function to work but voila - I now have a tiny greenhouse that stands six feet tall and takes about 15 fully grown plants. So hurrah for tomatoes this year, and for seedlings that can be grown under glass rather than under propagators in the baby's room next year!

The greenhouse filled with mature tomatoes

Enormously exciting - my first tomato flower on the "Tumbling Tom"


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