Thursday, 26 June 2014

Harvesting home-grown food: Tayberries

The Buckingham Tayberry is a lovely and vigorous plant. I erred on the side of caution when it came to planting up my soft fruit raised beds. I wanted to plant fruit that I love to eat, that would save us money and that I know tastes better fresh. So I went for a whole row of raspberries (my favourite fruit). But given that the Tayberry is a hybrid mix between black raspberries and loganberries, I wanted to try one of those. I now wish I'd gone for a full row of Tayberries rather than just the one lone cane. So far it's shot up in height and I can well imagine it'll reach its 2mx2m eventual size. Apparently next year I can hope for a yield of about 20lbs (a jaw-dropping 9kg) of fruit from it but it's started off well this year already. 

It's thriving against the south-facing fence I'm growing it next to and it has already started fruiting. I actually bought the Tayberry as a bit of a risk as I'd never tasted the fruit before. But several of the enormous berries were ripening nicely a couple of days ago so I harvested them and we enjoyed a couple of them. The taste is delicious, well-rounded and tangy with a lingering raspberry and citrus aftertaste. If it crops considerably more than the raspberries, I might remove the raspberry canes next year and replace them with Tayberries!
It's hard to come up with a way of serving 2.5 Tayberries in an elegant fashion. So I didn't really try. But they were amazing! Next stop, jam, I hope. That's if enough of them ripen at the same time that is.
30g - a princely first harvest
Serving suggestion only

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