Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to plant Pineberries in hanging baskets


The pineberry (I chose the "White Dream") is a funny sort of fruit. It's the sort of thing that one might expect to find at the tea party given by the Mad Hatter. They're expensive too, at £3.99 for 125g, so they seemed to be a good fruit to try to grow from scratch. I chose to plant them in hanging baskets with a normal strawberry so that I could give them lots of special care and attention and so far it appears to be working.

How to plant strawberries and pineberries in hanging baskets

You will need: 
- One hanging basket for every three plants
- Pineberry and strawberry suckers
- A rich compost mix (I used John Innes potting on soil and farmyard compost)
- Hanging basket liner (moss)

1. Cut the liner to fit inside the hanging basket
2. Fill with the soil / compost mix
3. Gently (they're fragile!) transplant the suckers into the soil
4. Water on a regular basis (I used a DIY drip feed irritation system made from an old water bottle) 

Pineberries in a hanging basket after about a month

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