Monday, 23 June 2014

Living space vs gardening space: How to divide a small urban garden

Whilst I want to grow as much of our produce as possible, I also want to ensure that our tiny patio garden is somewhere we have space to relax. One of the problems with living in the city is how little space there is overall and dividing it up between practical and relaxing areas. I've managed to do this partly by planting on shelves or in raised beds, but also by using the side return as a place to store plants when we have guests or we just want a relaxing weekend enjoying our very small garden. By tidying all of our pots away, we managed to make the garden change according to our needs. So voila - what do you think of how tidy it looks? It's very satisfying being able to have a BBQ (a Portuguese Sardinhada in this case) and to know that all of our lovely crops are still growing away hidden in the background. 

Pots on shelves and hidden away in the side return

Voila! Space made available for the sardines on the grill!

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