Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Front gardens are for the birds (and the bees...)

I don't blog much about my front garden, although I have replanted it recently (more details soon) but today I was able to snatch a couple of minutes for a quick project where the GarlicBaby agreed to play in his travel cot. The Scandis have some very good ideas, chief amongst them swaddling a baby until they can't really lower their arms and then taking them outside for some fresh air. With GarlicBaby distracted by his jingle bunny and teddy bear, I was finally able to put together my birthday present from my lovely in laws last year, a RSPB bird feeder. It had gotten put away during our house renovations so imagine my joy at finding most of it. I replaced the missing stick (which will no doubt turn up when we move) with a couple of canes and hey, presto, bird feeder! I've got it in the back garden for now but will have to see whether or not it needs to be moved to the front. After all, given that our garden is cat-proofed, I don't really want to serve up a bird buffet to our resident felines!

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