Sunday, 15 March 2015

Gift guide: Presents to delight urban gardeners

I have been perusing the internet a lot lately in pursuit of practical (read: boring) things. And so I thought that today, for a change, I'd share a little wishlist of fun presents that any gardener would enjoy. This has absolutely nothing to do with any birthdays that may, or may not be rapidly approaching. This gift guide is completely impartial. See? I'm completely straightfaced. 

The practical gift: You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail 
I'm such a fan of the You Grow Girl blog and I'd love to get my hands on a copy of Trail's book!

The joke gift: Heart and star mould kit
Just because it makes peppers and tomatoes into heart and star shapes. Surely no further explanation is needed?

The equipment gift: Raspberry support and support frame
Canes may not work particularly well but they'll do for now. Proper raspberry supports would be extremely useful!

The social gift: A Big Green Egg Barbecue
Our old barbecue rusted right through and I love the idea of an Egg. They're compact, efficient and would camouflage well!

The innovative gift: Wally pockets
Because when you only have a few square metres, you have to grow up as well as out! 

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