Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cutting the grass (patch)

Messy straggly grasses
Oh how I envy those lucky souls with seas of grass to tame with a ride-on mower. Not for them the stress of wondering how best to maintain a puny couple of metres of grass marooned within a the confines of a patio and raised flowerbed surround. My patch is nowhere near large enough for a mower (honestly, I don't think that it'd even really fit) but it's just slightly too large to cut with a pair of scissors. So my somewhat uneasy compromise? A strimmer for most of it and then a quick trim around the edges with kitchen scissors to get any stragglers. Bear with me, I know it's mad, but it actually works quite well, and perhaps just as importantly, it's small enough to store easily in the playhouse. The garden had become something of a jungle, a fact that delighted the GarlicCats who spent days crouched nose-deep in the grass playing at being cats in African grasslands waiting for a passing gazelle (substituted here in South West London by a passing beetle). Once clipped and raked, a backbreaking task with my minuscule hand rake, the grass looked even sadder. 
Playing "mighty hunters" pre-pruning
It was patchy in the extreme and the turf clearly hadn't taken in places but had been hidden by the overgrowth like a bad comb-over. The builders are coming back in a week or so to re-seed the bald bits but in the interim at least it looks neat.

The cats are above my menial labours (literally)

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