Saturday, 18 March 2017

Super speedy seedlings

Edible flowers being as trendy as they are, you might remember that we had great fun sowing some edible flower seeds together into tiny coir pots last weekend. I've only got one propagator and it's going to be used for a different project and so it was with enormous delight that I realised that the herb plugs I ordered had been securely packaged in plastic boxes that I could use to cover the small pots. They worked spectacularly well leaning up against our windows and the most of seeds sprouted at warp speed (apart from the primroses which sullenly rotted and grew disgusting white fluff).

I think that our underfloor heating might have helped. In order to get on with the garden as soon as possible I have planted them out far too early (over-enthusiasm is a trait I have in spades) because I'm desperate to something living in all of those pots we've readied! Anyway, they're finally all outside in their new cosy soil homes and brightening the garden with their tiny green spots of colour. I can only hope that the rest of my seeds do this well, because in the past I've often covered them with too much soil when sowing and so they haven't germinated but hopefully this experiment is a first step on the road to food literally from seed!
Seedlings in their little playhouse-adorning planters

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