Sunday, 2 April 2017

Carrot cloche vs cats: the grudge match

Hurrah! A new toy! Or is it...?
There must be a way in. 
Plotting. Waiting. Bit more plotting.
Imagine, for a moment, that you are a cat. A fluffy cat, one of a pair, confident in your status as adored object in a house largely ruled by the whims and caprices of small creatures. Now assume that a couple of your humans spent a lovely afternoon planting carrot and beetroot seeds together in a bed that you had mentally marked for your own. Wouldn't you be cross, if all of a sudden, the larger, shouted human started unceremoniously turfing you off of your previously claimed lovely soft soil bed? And wouldn't things get immeasurably worse if said larger human started regarding you with suspicion every time you went into the garden? And then the ultimate betrayal; an amazingly fun tunnel thing is laid out on the grass for your amusement. But no! It isn't for your amusement, it's a tent cloche thing to protect the tiny seeds where they've been sowed and no matter how hard you try, YOU CANNOT GET TO THE FLOWERBED. 

You'd be livid. You'd get revenge. You'd sit back and wait and plot. You would be a cat, after all. 
There MUST be a way in. 

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