Saturday, 29 April 2017

Dividing the raised beds: square foot gardening

Carrots have an inherent flaw in their space requirements. Yes, you can plant teeny "Paris market" spherical carrots, but if you want normal long rooted carrots the planting directions generally require about 30cm between the rows. So if, like me, you have a tiny urban garden with a paltry four raised beds, what are you going to do? A simplified version of square foot gardening. I started doing this when my toddler GarlicBoy and I planted our first sowing of carrots and beetroots. I planted 16 carrots per square foot of raised bed. And this made me think, I should divide the rest of the beds. They look slightly ludicrous with bits of string marking off the growing areas but I now have various successive carrot crops sown and so hope to have a decent harvest in the winter. I need to find a better way of dividing them up though. Any ideas?

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