Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Going up in the world: The amazing climbing strawberry "Mount Everest"

I wonder if I'm being a bit too ambitious with all of the unusual plants that I'm taking on this year? First the hanging raspberry (which has admittedly keeled over as promised but has yet to produce any fruiting fronds), and now this, a climbing strawberry. I'm trying the perennial "Mount Everest" climbing strawberry plant. I've decided to grow it along the walls of some of my raised beds and to train the tendrils up along the trellis. So I got the small roots and have planted them up. I have to say, strawberry plants have always seemed so sad and dead-looking when I've started them in the past and these are no exception. I'm interested to see how it holds on to the trellis and string support though, and I'll be monitoring the crop carefully. If this works, this could completely revolutionise the urban growing world, imagine being able to get a huge soft fruit crop on a balcony by growing all the way up the wall! This is one new cultivar that I'm really excited about. 

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