Sunday, 16 April 2017

Promising pumpkins: growing halloween pumpkins with a toddler

When gardening with a toddler you've got to consider various factors that maybe wouldn't apply were you just trying to grow edible food for adults. You have to consider planting as much variety as you can, planting things that all look very different so that he learns to harvest various different crops, and also what will impress them the most. With that in mind, we decided to plant some pumpkins for halloween. I'm planning ahead and am going to try to grow a "Hundredweight" pumpkin in our smallest raised bed next to our outdoor sofa thing. I've got a small trellis to put up against the fence behind one plant, and a wire structure for the other one to climb. We initially planted the pumpkin seeds together in our propagator (pumpkin seeds are fantastic for little hands to push into the earth) and then we chose the strongest ones for the garden to plant out. I don't know what it is about canes and climbing structures but somehow they just make the garden look so much more...done. Don't you think? They just imply hopeful skyward growth!

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