Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How about a Jalapeño?

So far this year I've had a couple of horticultural failures, one of which was a cucumber plug. I'd already decided not to use plugs again but rather to grow from seed. I've been so disappointed with the quality of the seedlings. I've bought them from three of the biggest suppliers in the UK yet almost all of them have been pretty rubbish. They're been anaemic-looking, ragged around the edges and weak. Frustratingly, one of my cucumber seedlings has keeled over completely. 
Missing cucumber from right hand collar
What a waste of money. However, at least I've now got space for my chilli pepper Jalapeño plant. But then again it was also grown by a "by post" producer and is weak with floppy leaves and an anaemic stem. So it hasn't really grown, and it's just sitting there, in the rain Collar Of Doom, looking feeble. I hope it'll pick up, chillis are something that I love and use a lot of and they're brilliant to grow in small spaces. 

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