Sunday, 27 August 2017

A change of scenery: from edible borders to flowery raised beds

We have a new project on the horizon. It's not absolutely certain yet but we're pretty sure we're going ahead. All will be revealed anon but until then I thought I'd show you what that means for the garden. 
The squash and pumpkin vines were so lousy with blight that they looked just dreadful and were dropping rotting leaves everywhere. So once I'd harvested the squashes I decided to cut them right back down (leaving a couple of squashes still to develop). I then pulled up all of the remaining root vegetables from the raised beds which looked dreadful after a month of neglect during our holiday. So I found myself with a couple of empty beds and as our new project is going to mean a total change in lifestyle, I realised that I had to plant them up with easy to maintain flowering bushes and perennial herbs. They look much neater now but I think it's so sad. I'd so much rather be sowing winter cruciferous vegetables and more roots than lavender. Don't they look boring by comparison to the edible opulence of before?

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