Harvest in 2017

I'm comparing my produce to the pricing used by a major British supermarket that I usually shop at so as to get a good idea of the amount that I've saved. I'm using other sources to price up more exotic produce, such as the pricing on this edible flower shop to price up what I have. I'd really like to save more than £250 on fruit and vegetables this year but we'll have to see how it goes. 

So far I've grown £58.87 worth of produce in our tiny garden in 2017

March 26th - Rosemary (90p)
April 10th - Rosemary and parsley (85p each - possibly summer means cheap herbs?)
April 15th - Parsley (85p)
April 17th - Rosemary and parsley again (85p each)
May 12th - Mint (85p)
May 22nd - Parsley and tarragon (£1.20 and 85p)
May 30th - Spinach (£1.85) and mint (85p)
June 1st - Strawberries (£0.35)
June 2nd - Strawberries (£1.90)
June 3rd - Rocket and nasturtium flowers for salad (£2 and £1.14 respectively)
June 5th - Strawberries (£1.80)
June 7th - Strawberries (£1.20)
June 8th - Bunch chives and nasturnium flowers (85p and £1.43 respectively)
June 11th - Strawberries (£0.60) and chives (£0.85)
June 12th - Pineberries (£0.70) 
June 14th - Pineberries and strawberries (£1.45)
June 15th - Spinach (£1.85) and chives (85p) 
June 16th - Strawberries and pineberries (£1.80) and mint (£1.70)
June 17th - Basil (85p)
June 18th - Strawberries and pineberries (£1.20) and oregano (85p)
June 20th - Spinach (80p) and strawberries (£0.80)
June 21st - Strawberries and pineberries (£0.80)
June 23rd - Chives (85p) 
June 24th - Strawberries and pineberries (£1.80) and nasturtium flowers (£2)
June 25th - Chives (£1.70)
June 26th - Mint (£1.70) and raspberries (50p)
June 28th - Raspberries (£0.40) and parsley (85p)
June 29th - Strawberries and pineberries (£1.80) and basil (85p)
July 4th - Pineberries (£1.20) and spinach (80p)
July 6th - Basil (85p)
July 9th - Chives (85p)
July 10th - Rosemary (85p)
July 12th - Spinach (80p)
July 13th - Basil (£3.60)

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